Lidsing Garden Community



Lidsing Garden Community

Boxley Parish Council remain committed to fighting the continued inclusion of the proposed 2000+ home Lidsing Garden Village Community in Maidstone Borough Council’s current Local Plan Review. Boxley PC has made, and will continue to make, robust objections at every stage of the Review process.

The parish council is cooperating with Bredhurst PC in this and will be making a substantial donation towards the cost of a barrister and expert witnesses to speak at the Examination in Public of the Review by the government Inspector in September.

What does this development mean for residents of Boxley Parish?

It obliterates the ‘protected’ strategic gap between Medway and Maidstone and will turn Lordswood, Walderslade, Princes Park, and Hempstead into one big urban sprawl, obliterating in the process good agricultural land and much valued recreational space.

There is no mention of other nearby proposed developments:
- 450 houses at the adjacent Gibraltar Farm site
- The same developer has another site (East Hill) adjacent to Gibraltar Farm that has already been approved on appeal for 800 houses.

No consideration has been given in the Local Pan Review to these other developments and their cumulative impact on the roads, infrastructure, and ecology of the area.

Together with the Garden Community these proposed developments would cause the loss of almost one third of the rural Capstone Valley and would put additional strain on already oversubscribed schools and health services in the area including Medway Maritime Hospital. Any new facilities are likely to be in Medway and not Maidstone.

The developers propose additional roads for East-West traffic movements and north towards Medway but nothing South to Maidstone. This would mean cars likely using the most direct route down Boxley Hill and through Boxley Village. This village already has severe traffic problems and is totally unsuitable for the additional traffic created by Lidsing and the other proposed developments. Further afield, London-bound traffic will probably opt to join the M2 and M20 motorways via the already overloaded A229/M2 Bluebell Hill junction compounding existing traffic problems in Lordswood and Walderslade.

Boxley Parish Council therefore remain committed to fighting the inclusion of the Lidsing Garden Community on Maidstone Borough Council’s Local Plan Review.

What can you do?
Boxley residents are encouraged to contribute to the Against Lidsing Garden Development (ALGD) ‘Go Fund Me’ initiative to ensure that sufficient funds are raised to stop this development. There is a link to the ALGD Facebook group on the Boxley Parish Council website together with the information on the proposed development

Cllr Chris Sheppard
Boxley Parish Council

Additional Documents

Lidsing Press Release June 2022.pdf